Fund a home, then go build it.

Fund a home for a family in the slums of Mexico, then go build it with local volunteers and meet the family whose life you have changed forever. If you successfully fund a home you’ll also be entered for a chance for you and a friend to go to Mexico for free!

Expect to be inspired, challenged and reconnected.

How It Works

We help you gather friends and family and send them personal video messages about your project and why it matters

You gather 10 friends to give the $3.33 a day (the cost of a coffee) for three months. This adds up to $3,300 USD, enough to fund a new home for a family living in the slums.

When you and 9 family and friends give $3.33 a day for 3 months, it adds up to $3,300

You fly down to help build the home you funded, alongside local volunteers and the family that will live in it. At the end of a hard and rewarding two-day build, you hand the keys to the family and watch as they open their front door for the first time.

$3,300 is enough to fund a new home, lifting a family out of the slums and into a house that can last up to 40 years. Read on for Impact Adventure details

We head to the beach to enjoy two days of food, music, surf, yoga, and sharing the experience we just had together.

Upcoming Trips

Summer Journey

Journey to Mexico City

September 30 - October 5

Immerse yourself in a profound 5-day experience of tangible impact, celebration and connection, and a new community of friends. Begin your Journey to Mexico City by building a home for a family living in slum conditions. Then we’ll head to Lake Mexico to recharge, reflect, and celebrate: with DJ dance parties, daily yoga and meditation, guest speakers, and a chance to learn about the region and its ancient history


Location & Dates TBD

We have more opportunities coming your way to build homes for families living in the slums with our implementing partner TECHO. Check back often for trip updates!


When you raise $3,300, you are entered to win a draw for a trip for 2 to Mexico City.

What’s included:

  • Lodging
  • Return airfare for 2

What’s not included:

  • Travel medical insurance
  • Spending money
  • Alcoholic beverages

The fine print

  • To be eligible for the trip, each individual is responsible for fundraising or contributing the necessary funds to meet the goal ($3,300 USD)
  • If you have not raised your funds by the due date July 31st, you will not be eligible for the grand prize. However your funds raised will go towards a home and you can join the trip at a trip fee plus purchasing your airfare
  • If you do not wish to join the trip after raising funds or partial funds, we share updates and photos of the home you made possible and the family who will live in it.
  • Full rules and regulations -

How does the campaign work?


Sign up and make a list of 10 friends to support you in this project.


Make personalized videos on our fundraising platform for your friends to share your excitement and passion about this project.


Invite your friends with a personalized email and video link all done on our platform on your personalized fundraising page.


Friends can then donate to your campaign any amount they choose.


After all this fun, you will have just funded a home in a matter of days! All with your friends and some pocket change.

About TECHO: A Few Facts

TECHO: For A Poverty Free World. At TECHO we are convinced that, with your help, poverty can be permanently eradicated in our lifetime. Since 1997, TECHO has worked toward this dream through the promotion of community development in slums, fostering social awareness and action, and through political advocacy. TECHO is actively helping families in extreme need in 19 countries across Latin America. Join TECHO in making a difference today.

TECHO works in 650 slums throughout 22 countries, and has mobilized over 800,000 volunteers to date.

TECHO has built 105,000 transitional homes over the past two decades. Families typically pay 5% of the cost of the home, which creates a sense of investment and pride. Homes can last up to 40 years.

More questions about TECHO? Click here for an FAQ section.

About Journey

We believe trips are fundamental to creating a ripple effect of change. By experiencing impact firsthand, individuals can connect to the communities whose lives are changed by the generosity of giving, which shapes their sense of the world and how they want to show up in it.

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